Constructing the castle for On A Scary Scary Night

Production for Can You See What I See? On A Scary Scary Night begins with sketches like this one I drew. The sketches establish each scenes' mood and provides a basic plan to help guide the model makers.

After the castle was constructed out of polyurethane foam by model makers, I made test photographs with other unfinished model components to make sure everything fit according to plan.

The castle was built in separate pieces, making it easier for several artists to work on it all at once. Here, Mike Galvin paints a roof and will reattach to the tower once it is dry.

To make the scary tree, Randy Gilman first made a wire base, and then covered the wire with a special, flexible polymer clay. Once the clay is baked in the oven and hardens, the tree branches are still able to bend and grip the hidden objects that I will add later.

Michael Lokensgaard (left) and Randy Gilman (right) add finishing touches to the Atop A Scary Hill set. The final step is to complete the landscape by adding small model trees and greenery. The greenery is a powdered wool sprinkled over the set and adhered by wet paint.

The castle is photographed and combined with the sky I digitally painted. Raindrops are also added on the computer to enhance the gloomy mood.

Atop a Scary Scary Hill ©2008 Walter Wick,
from Can You See What I See? On A Scary Scary Night