A fairy tale classic from Once Upon a Time

Books on period costumes, medieval and gothic ornamentation, and the engravings of Gustave Dore were the primary references for this sketch I made. This scene depicts Beauty comforting the Beast after she finds him, ailing and heartbroken, in his exotic garden.

The duck fountains were sculpted and engineered by Michael Lokensgaard who is shown here testing them out on the yet to be completed garden pool. A circulating pump submerged in the pool keeps the fountains supplied with water.

Costumer Lynne Steincamp works on Beast’s jacket. Steincamp also made beddings, wigs and costumes for several other scenes in Once Upon A Time.

The stone ornamentation that frames the garden pool is made of high density polyurethane and cast polymers. Randy Gilman (background) was the principal model maker for the highly detailed relief carvings. Mike Galvin (left) ages the stonework and Kim Wildey-Videl does finish work on the carved details.

With the stonework completed and in place, Gilman (left) and I prepare the set. Lily pads, blossoms, roses, and trees are all artificial. To keep things dry until that last minute, test photographs were taken with a plastic sheet as a stand-for real water.


The foreground rose trellis was photographed separately and composited over the scene. The trellis was re-photographed three times with different arrangements of rose vines and composited into the background as three separate elements that recede into the distance. The plastic lily pads were fitted with little foam bases that enabled them to float on the water.

Beauty and The Beast ©2006 Walter Wick,
from Can You See What I See? Once Upon a Time