A puzzle within a puzzle for Can You See What I See?

The concept for Bump, Bump, Bump began as a simple maze sketched on graph paper. To make the maze more challenging I added obstacles (circles) and a simple rule: You must go from start to finish crossing only three circles. Working out this concept on paper was a convenient way to test the maze on friends.

In the next drawing, I transformed the straight lines and right angles of the first sketch into a maze of curvy roads.

With the help of an assistant, I painted the roadway on the back of a large sheet of linoleum. Using blocks and toys as props I made a theme park which provided excellent hiding spots for the search-and-find game. Speed bumps became the logical choice to replace the abstract circles of the original sketches.

The resulting maze provides an added enhancement to the search and find game of Can You See What I See?

Bump, Bump, Bump ©2002 Walter Wick,
from Can You See What I See? Picture Puzzles to Search and Solve