The secrets behind the mirror maze in I SPY Fun House

Mirrors are simple devices, yet capable of producing amazing effects. Hundreds of circus animals appear to roam endless rooms of the mirror maze in I SPY Fun House. But in fact, there are only 15 animals in a single room!

The stripes are made with self-stick shelf paper. With two mirrors forming two walls of a triangle, a curious hexagonal room appears.

A third mirror (with no door) was positioned to form the third wall of a triangular room. Because of the depth of the room, I had to use barbecue tongs to arrange the objects at the bottom of the set.

It was a weird way to arrange a picture.  If I accidentally knocked over the elephant, 25 elephants would fall over in the picture!

Final image as it appears in the book.

Mirror Maze ©1993 Walter Wick,
from I SPY Fun House