Hints for Hard-to-Find Objects

The most frequently requested hints for hard-to-find objects are listed below
in the order of the most recently published book.

Can You See What I See? Once Upon a Time (2006)

If witches cast wicked spells,
could a “wicked fairy” be a witch as well?

Can You See What I See? The Night Before Christmas (2005)

It’s true that this bird’s blue is slight –
a mere outline on a wall at night.

Can You See What I See? (2002)

This hare’s made of beads of blue,
step way back, he’ll come into view!

I Spy Treasure Hunt (1999)

Lightning has formed this man’s brow,
and kissed the tip of the cloud-ship’s bow.

Near a jar, above a rope,
it’s really there! Don’t give up hope!

I Spy Spooky Night (1996)

A clue to the elusive cat in this scene,
can be found on a shelf on page seventeen.

I Spy Mystery (1993)

Yes, dolphins swim in seas,
but this one seems to prefer the trees!

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